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As a Doctoral student, am I obliged to self-archive the electronic version of my thesis in Unitn-eprints PhD?

Yes. The University of Trento is applying the Guidelines issued by the Conferenza dei Rettori (CRUI) in October 2007, in full respect of each Doctoral student’s author’s rights (please see the Author's Rights Addendum). If the Doctoral thesis contains a patent or has already been submitted to a publisher, the access to the full text can be delayed for an embargo period of up to 24 months. If the thesis was funded by other institutions or somehow involves third party’s rights, the Doctoral student must inform the third party and reach an agreement.

Where do I find the institutional disclaimer I have to print, sign and hand to the Doctoral Studies and Licensing Exams Office?

During the self-archiving process you will be requested to click a check box, open and print the disclaimer. You can find and download it from the home page both in English and Italian.

Which are the advantages (if any) of self-archiving my thesis in Unitn-eprints PhD?

The archive is OAI-PMH compatible, which means that it enhances and maximizes the dissemination, impact and retrieval of the data it contains. For more information, have a look at the many Open Access and Open Archives Initiative resources you can find on the web; some of them are displayed in the Useful links section of our homepage.

How many files am I supposed to self-archive?

The Doctoral thesis must consist of a single .pdf file. If the thesis has attachments such as Powerpoint presentations, images or photos, rough data or other material, you must upload these files as separate items.

In order to make a .pdf I need Acrobat Exchange or Acrobat Professional, but I don’t have the programme. What can I do?

You can use one of the free tools you can find on the web (such as OpenOffice v1.1 or following releases , which help you create immediately a .pdf version of your thesis by loading the .doc version (please check the layout as you perform this operation). You can also download one of the free softwares which installs in your computer as a print-driver (such as PDFCreator).

How can I transform my .doc thesis in a .pdf file with Acrobat Exchange?

First you must create a single .doc file containing the whole thesis. Then choose the option “Print” and select Acrobat Pdf Writer as printer. If your thesis consists in more than a single .doc file, follow the previous procedure for each file, and then merge them according to the following procedure: open the first file in Acrobat Exchange; choose the option Document > Insert Pages; then select the second file, and so on.

How can I transform my thesis in a .pdf text file if I prepared it with LaTeX or MikTeX?

You must ensure that the .pdf file you are creating has its textual part in text format and not in graphic format. In order to do that, you should convert the .dvi file in .pdf by using Acrobat Distiller, leaving the default settings unaltered.

How can I understand if the .pdf I created is in text format?

Once you created your single .pdf file, please verify that it is in text format. Select a part of the text with “Select text” in the “Edit” group, copy the selection and paste it in a new document (Word, Notepad, …). If the selection you pasted corresponds to the text you copied, the .pdf is in text format.