Democracy and Difference: The US in Multidisciplinary and Comparative Perspectives Papers from the 21st AISNA Conference

Covi, Giovanna and Marchi, Lisa, eds. (2012) Democracy and Difference: The US in Multidisciplinary and Comparative Perspectives Papers from the 21st AISNA Conference. Labirinti; 145 . Trento : Università degli Studi di Trento. ISBN 978-88-8443-448-7

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    The volume collects contributions stretching from the Humanities to the Social Sciences and examines the challenging conjugation of two keywords in contemporary societies—democracy and difference. The overall project of this collection is to share knowledges and methodologies across disciplines, languages, and national cultures in order to investigate processes of homogenization and differentiation, and to embrace transnational, intercultural, and interdisciplinary perspectives. By exploring topics that are central to American Studies—including race/ethnicity, sex/gender, nationality, religion, language, landscape, migration, law, status, economy, dispossession, and expansion—and by engaging them both in English and Spanish, the collection aims to both foster cultural dialogue in an interconnected world and reflect the dynamism and instability of American Studies as a discipline that is constantly redrawn and redefined by a difficult yet fruitful interaction with diverse cultures, locations, and communities. This volume situates critique at the very heart of American Studies, not only to question and redraw the boundaries of this porous discipline, but also to point the way towards more hospitable configurations of the global world. EDITORIAL BOARD Joan Anim-Addo, Goldsmiths, University of London Luisa Antoniolli, Università di Trento Ferdinando Fasce, Università di Genova Cristina Giorcelli, Università di Roma 3 Donatella Izzo, Università di Napoli l'Orientale Giorgio Mariani, Università di Roma Andrea Mariani, Università di Chieti John MacGowan, University of North Carolina Stefano Rosso, Università di Bergamo Pietro Taravacci, Università di Trento PEER REVIEWERS Gianfranca Balestra, Università di Siena Paola Boi, Università di Cagliari Andrea Carosso, Università di Torino Daniele Crivellari, Università di Salerno Jane Danielewicz, University of North Carolina Anna De Biasio, Università di Bergamo Vincenzo della Sala, Università di Trento Sonia di Loreto, Università di Torino Mina Karavanta, University of Athens Marco Mariano, Università del Piemonte Orientale Franco Minganti, Università di Bologna Elèna Mortara, Università di Roma Tor Vergata Gigliola Nocera, Università di Catania Andrea Pradi, Università di Trento Daniela Ciani Sforza, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia Maurizio Vaudagna, Università del Piemonte Orientale Elisabetta Vezzosi, Università di Trieste Paola Zaccaria, Università di Bari Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgements GIOVANNA COVI, LISA MARCHI, Introduction. Differencing Democracy, Democratizing Differences ADA AGRESSI, “What Are We to Do With Becky?”: The Search For Identity in Rolando Hinojosa’s Becky and Her Friends PIRJO AHOKAS, Chinese American Masculinities and Asian AmericanHumor: Jen’s “Birthmates” and Louie’s “Pangs of Love” ELENA BALDASSARRI, “Everything’s connected to everything else”: The documerica Photographic Campaign and the Costs of Progress in the 1970s US VINCENZO BAVARO, Cruising the Gay Bathhouse NICOLANGELO BECCE, “An accident at sea is better than an act of terrorism”: Deferring Democracy in NCIS GIOVANNI BERNARDINI, Westernization vs. Americanization after World War II: Still a Debate Issue? An Overview of the Historiography Dispute over Shapes and Times of US Influence over Postwar Germany SILVIA BETTI, El Spanglish: ¿Un puente entre el mundo hispano y el mundo estadounidense? NATASHA BONNELAME, What does America mean to us? What do we mean to it? Locating the Other America in Joan Anim-Addo’s Imoinda or She Who Will Lose Her Name LEONARDO BUONOMO, Family Hierarchy in the American Sitcom: The Case of Bewitched ALICE CASARINI, “You Have a Sarcasm Sign? ”Fansubbing and the Egalitarian Decryption of American Comedy PAOLA CASTELLUCCI, Emily Dickinson’s Self-publishing ALESSANDRO CLERICUZIO, Laughing the Cold War Away with Auntie Mame ERMINIO CORTI, La humanización del Otro absoluto: una lectura de El entenado de Juan José Saer GABRIELE D’OTTAVIO, Debating Americanization and Westernization: The Development of Political Science in Germany After WWII VALERIO MASSIMO DE ANGELIS, Deferring the Dream: Langston Hughes’s Critique of American Democracy MARINA DE CHIARA, Letters from Distant Shores: Ana Castillo ALESSANDRA DE MARCO, Wasting Labour and Materiality: the Financialization of the US Economy in Don DeLillo’s Fiction CHRISTINA DOKOU, Dim-ocracy/In-Difference: A Portrait of the Yankee Intellectual as a Mirage DANIELA FARGIONE, Words and/as Waste in Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things Auster’s Fantastic and Realistic Journeys CLAUDIA FIMIANI, “The Party’s Over”: Jazz and Disillusionment in Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s America and the Haruki Murakami’s Westernized Japan SIMONE FRANCESCATO, “The Futility of Time In Between”: Americans Abroad in Dave Eggers’s You Shall Know Our Velocity (!) SABRINA FUSARI, “The Pearly Gates Have Opened and Shut”: Alitalia’s Privatization in the US American Press SERENA FUSCO, “Cowardice Is What You Make of It”: Threat and Collaborative Happiness in Chang-rae Lee’s Native Speaker GINEVRA GERACI, A Map of the New World. Unsystematic Charts and Travelling Atlases in Paule Marshall’s and Toni Morrison’s Caribbean SERENA GUARRACINO, Representative Democracy and the Struggle for Representation: Caribbean and US Performances of Difference in Caryl Phillips’ Dancing in the Dark FIORENZO IULIANO, The End of the World Novel. Strategies of Lust and Surveillance in Bret E. Ellis’s The Rules of Attraction RICHARD KIDDER, The Reactor in the Garden, or Working Nature Over GIUSEPPE LOMBARDO, Democracy and Difference in Jerre Mangione's Mount Allegro STEFANO LUCONI, How Wide Is the Italian-American “Circle of the ‘We’”? MARCO MANGANI, “Speaking with the hands and eyes”: Ella Fitzgerald’s Art of Signifying LISA MARCHI, Mapping Democracy and Dissent in Arab-American Poetry ELISABETTA MARINO, Teaching Difference in Democratic America: Maria Mazziotti Gillan as a Poet and Editor MENA MITRANO, Photography and Dissent: Susan Sontag MARINA MORBIDUCCI, From How to Write (1931) to Brain Versioning 1.0 (2008), and Back: Transmutations at Work KIM NALLEY, Losing Its Grease: Black Cultural Politics and the Globalization of Jazz PAOLA ANNA NARDI, “This neighborhood was kind of like home”: American cities in Irish-American fiction VIRGINIA PIGNAGNOLI, New Voices and the Difference They (May) Make: David Shields’s Reality Hunger and Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes FRANCESCO PONTUALE, House of Leaves, House of Leaves, house of leaves: Sameness, Differences, and Old Paradigms SIMONA PORRO, The ‘Waste’ of the American Dream in E. L. Doctorow’s The Book of Daniel FLORIANA PUGLISI, Against the Grain: Reconfiguration of Democratic America in Rosmarie Waldrop’s Work UMBERTO ROSSI, Waste Lands: Trash and the American Mindscape in Science-Fiction Narratives CARLA SASSI, Glocalising Democracy: The Quest for Truth and Justice in Lockerbie 103 by Des Dillon CRISTINA SCATAMACCHIA, Eliza Jane Poitevent Holbrook Nicholson and the City of New Orleans CINZIA SCHIAVINI, Writing the Crisis in Contemporary American Non-Fiction Narrative PAOLO SIMONETTI, Why Are Comics No Longer Comic? Graphic Narratives in Contemporary America LORENA CARBONARA AND ANNARITA TARONNA, In search of new sea(e)scapes: the metaphors of the Mediterranean from mythological to contemporary narratives CRISTINA TINELLI, From “The Mysteries of the Hyphen” to the Mysteries of Italy: the Poetry of Sandra M. Gilbert FLUTUR TROSHANI, ‘Poiesis of Sounds in the Wind’: A Glimpse into Trans-Aesthetic Innovation/Renovation MIRELLA VALLONE, Borders, Crossroads, Bridges: Negotiating Boundaries NICOLETTA VALLORANI, Democracy on the Rocks: Outlawing Law in Touristic Dystopias, from Vonnegut’s Caribbean islands to Self’s Holiday Resorts GIORGIO RIMONDI, “Tempo della musica e tempo dell’immagine”: A Contribution to Jazz Photography Studies SOSTENE MASSIMO ZANGARI, The Rotting Pot: the Aesthetic of Junk in Garibaldi Lapolla’s The Grand Gennaro

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